Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Millie's Easter

This past weekend was Easter Sunday.. the weather was perfect.  There wasn't a cloud in the sky and we had warmer temps without the muggy humidity!  After spending the first half of my morning with family, I dedicated the rest of the day to the pups.  

If there is one thing Millie has learned from being a part of our family is that life is fun and it's not so scary to explore the unknown... as I can remember the days when she would be scared to leave the room.

We visited Millie and Lola's local dog park before taking our play time back to the house.  This is where Millie really lets loose and lets her personality shine.  I think only a few chosen people actually have seen her at her most vulnerable, goofy state.. and if you are one of those few, consider yourself part of her 'pack'.. 

She is still extremely shy around strangers and always keeps her distance.. and that is okay!  I have grown to love that about her.  She is loyal to those she knows and trusts and does not seek out attention from strangers as Lola does.

I know, by far.. one of her favorite past-times is being outside.  It doesn't matter if she is doing nothing but laying on the back deck.  She just loves hearing the birds, feeling the warm sun on her back as she guards over her 'territory'.

There have been times I will look out the window to check on her and she will be laying by the steps on the deck, looking over the yard.. her head up alert as if she is protecting her home.  

I know she loves her home here, her affections and actions remind me daily... and I must say, I know Millie's presence has given our home a warmth that would not have if she was not a part of it.

She reminds us to relax and have fun with the ones you love and trust the most... 

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