Tuesday, April 30, 2019

GreenLeaf Hustle - Cahaba Brewery

This past weekend I had the pleasure of hanging out with Gary at the GreenLeaf Hustle show.  They were playing a benefit at the Cahaba Brewery... The weather was perfect and I was happy to have the chance to hang out and run into old friends as well as catch up with everyone. There were a lot of people who came out to support the guys and the breast cancer benefit. 

The band consist of Gary Edmonds on lead guitar, Eric Watters on bass, Adam Guthrie on electric guitar and mandolin, Finney James on drums and Jeff Baker guitar and vocals.  These guys have been playing music in various bands for as long as I have known Gary... so everytime we get together, it's always a good time!

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Millie's Easter

This past weekend was Easter Sunday.. the weather was perfect.  There wasn't a cloud in the sky and we had warmer temps without the muggy humidity!  After spending the first half of my morning with family, I dedicated the rest of the day to the pups.  

If there is one thing Millie has learned from being a part of our family is that life is fun and it's not so scary to explore the unknown... as I can remember the days when she would be scared to leave the room.

We visited Millie and Lola's local dog park before taking our play time back to the house.  This is where Millie really lets loose and lets her personality shine.  I think only a few chosen people actually have seen her at her most vulnerable, goofy state.. and if you are one of those few, consider yourself part of her 'pack'.. 

She is still extremely shy around strangers and always keeps her distance.. and that is okay!  I have grown to love that about her.  She is loyal to those she knows and trusts and does not seek out attention from strangers as Lola does.

I know, by far.. one of her favorite past-times is being outside.  It doesn't matter if she is doing nothing but laying on the back deck.  She just loves hearing the birds, feeling the warm sun on her back as she guards over her 'territory'.

There have been times I will look out the window to check on her and she will be laying by the steps on the deck, looking over the yard.. her head up alert as if she is protecting her home.  

I know she loves her home here, her affections and actions remind me daily... and I must say, I know Millie's presence has given our home a warmth that would not have if she was not a part of it.

She reminds us to relax and have fun with the ones you love and trust the most... 

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

The Moore Family

Oh how precious these boys are!!  Jackson and Jonah have been melting hearts since day one.. Always so sweet and kind natured that I always enjoy hearing from their fabulous mom, Jessica for picture time.

The outfits were spot on for our location choice and I must say how in love I was with all the colors.  It's safe to say spring is in full swing.  If you were able to survive the pollen outburst, I think everyone should be in the clear.

We couldn't have asked for better weather and thankfully the morning rains went on through just in time for our appointment.  Everything seemed to work in our favor, which I'm always thankful for.

Baby brother, Jonah, is all smiles while Jackson is all flirt!  Check out his suave moves.. I think these brothers are just as cute as can be .  I'm so happy that these guys wanted to get in on some spring photos.  It's a perfect time of year when it's not too hot and not too cold... and you know how quickly that can all change.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Tallulah's 1 Year

The one great thing about lifestyle sessions is that it is real.  The fun moments and the not so fun moments.  They all will hold its place in the memories for years to come.  We often forget  that these moments too are often what makes up parenthood..

The patience, the understanding, the ability to hold onto your crying child and comfort them. It's all part of the process of parenthood.. So when baby Tallulah decided to cut in some teeth the day of her one year session, we adapted.

The idea of teething sounds painful and uncomfortable but it is, afterall.. part of the process growing into the adorable toddler she has come to be.

Big sis, Eloise, was such a helpful big sis!  She was patient with her baby sister as she waited for her to calm down.. she even sang to her!!

Ofcourse, it was magical to see how only the loving arms of her mom and dad helped with those big crocodile tears. 

I think, if anything, we were able to grab some memories for them to look back on when she was this age.  I think that is what makes the whole photo process so magical.. you can never plan for the moments, you can only adapt and be there to remember them by.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Baby Levi

I may be a few days late posting images from Levi's newborn session but I must say.. I could not pass on posting these sweet, new moments to share with the world, so I thought.. better late than never.

Last week, I had the honor to meet and photograph Levi.  He is not even two weeks but already so curious about his two older sisters, Stella and Valyn... but I think they were just as curious about him.

Middle sister, Valyn seemed to enjoy checking him out at close proximity.  So precious to see her observe with great intent... and oldest sister, Stella.. well, she is already asking to hold her brother and loves on him with great care!

Without a doubt, this little guy is in good hands!

As always, I am so appreciative of being a part of not only their first born, second born but now third born and first son!  He truly is beautiful and has the sweetest, easy going disposition.  I feel like his first photo session with me was a success.