Thursday, March 28, 2019

Stovall Spring Session

Spring Sessions are in full swing!  I feel that this past winter has been one of the hardest winter's for me in a while.. Not only was it one of the rainiest winters I've ever experienced in my lifetime but it seemed to last forever.

Now, finally.. we can see the light ( sunlight that is ) at the end of the tunnel!! 

I loved hanging out with the Stovall family this past weekend. All the kiddos are growing up in a hurry, so they were needing some updated photos.

We could not have asked for a prettier morning and setting for these guys.  Not only is is starting to feel like spring but the trees are starting to have blooms and everything is a shade of green.

I enjoyed capturing so many sweet hugs, kisses and laughs out of everyone.  It was a good time!