Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Millie's View

So many of you may have remembered following Millie Vanilli with her road to recovery from having severe issues on trusting people as well as being starved almost to the point of death.. Well.. she has been living the life of luxury with trips to the mountains and the beach.. outings to the lakehouse, days of hiking and play days and then.. just like that.. BAM.. she thinks her days of carefree and joy have come to an end with the arrival of another dog we are fostering for a short time.


She must learn how to cope with the idea that her fur mom and dad are sharing affection to another dog who has not necessarily cared to show her any love and attention.  She was excited to see a new playmate and went over to greet him with a wagging tail on his first day.  The foster did not want to have anything to do with her and responded with a low growl..

Millie's spirit was crushed and she quickly retreated to the opposite end of the house.. refusing to enter the room he was in for at least the first couple of days.  She is now spending her days pouting on the end of the couch.. and the only bit of life that she gives me is when I take her on her very own 'personal' walk at one of her favorite parks.  She's a sensitive, frail, emotional mess that is coming to terms that not all of the foster dogs we bring home will be her best friend.

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