Monday, December 10, 2018

Lily's Newborn Session

Lily truly is a Christmas angel!!  Her big curious eyes, perfect plump lips, pinchable cheeks and a head full of hair.  She's just gorgeous!!  I loved spending time with the Stewarts again this past weekend.

Last time I visited with them was for Isaac's newborn session.. and look at him now!  Isaac is now a brand new big brother!

It seems that everyone had their turn to love on Lily. Isaac loved giving her hugs and kisses as Merlin, their beloved fur baby, wanted to smell her.

Lily was born just under two weeks ago and is already showing so much curiosity about her new world.

Her young eyes are already full of sweet, sincere wonder that can easily be seen as she peers up at her mom, dad and big brother.

It looks like Santa came early this year as these guys get to enjoy their beloved new addition into their family!  I'd love to wish these guys a very Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

The Moller Family

There is one thing that I know is captured each session I have photographed with the Moller Family.. and that is LIFE!!  This amazing family has always been very welcoming as we have documented Brita's early years in the comfort of their home.

This past Saturday we were thankfully still able to meet up despite the rainy conditions.  It was the perfect cozy Saturday afternoon to stay indoors.. to which Brita showed me some of her building blocks, her favorite 'time out' stool and she even enjoyed some Chocolate milk to help pass the time.

She was full of laughs as the free spirit she is.  Her energy is contagious and I am reminded how the spirit of Christmas  can be magical!

I hope these guys have a wonderful Christmas as they celebrate family and those they love.