Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Unforeseen Hobby

Hey guys!!!  I am super excited to announce that I've just completed my first half-marathon.  For those who don't know me too well probably don't know that I used to HATE running.  The furthest I'd ever ran up through my young adult life was a mile until probably my mid-thirties.

My friend had a free admittance into a 5k.. I agreed to run it. I actually found that it was somewhat enjoyable.  Seeing everyone out there trying to better themselves, challenge their abilities.. I don't know, it was just an overall positive environment that intrigued me.

So.. fast forward to another year.. My friend had yet, another free race pass.. but this time it was for a 10k.. I didn't know how far a 10k was, so I had to google it.  Six miles!!!  Gosh.. that sounded miserable.. but as peer pressure would have it.. I agreed to tag along.

I did complete the 10k a rough 1 hour and 13 minutes later.. but that race left an imprint on me.  It made me realize that I am stronger than I ever realized.. It helped me develop a love/hate relationship with running and before long.. I became curious about endurance running.. The challenges of running as well as the perks (  higher metabolism, more energy and better sleep). It just sort of became a part of me and I realized that I didn't like how I felt if I wasn't able to get out there and run

So.. up to speed.. present day.. I am now 38 years old and feel as though I am in better shape than when I was 21 years old.  I am not fast by any means and I am no professional for sure but I do know that I show up and I believe in always challenging my capabilities.

We are not promised our health another day and I realize that I could have the gift of running stripped away from me in a split second rather it be from an accident or unforeseen illness..

Running has taught me to live in the present.. Don't take anything for granted.. Don't stress about parking far away or because the elevator is broken.  Be thankful that you can take those stairs and walk the extra distance.

Now that I reached my goal of having successfully ran a half, people ask if I am done.  Will I run anymore?  yes.. YES ofcourse I have plans to run more.  This whole process has changed me.. physically and mentally that I can't imagine NOT running.

What's next you may ask?  As a matter of fact, I have a 25k trail run to start out my new year. Now this will be a whole other can of worms...

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