Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Jason & Megan

Meet Jason and Megan!!! They are celebrating five years of marriage together so to commemorate this time, Jason decided to surprise her with a portrait session!!  How awesome and sentimental is that?  Since their marriage, they have moved to Tennessee but Jason always remembered his lovely wife speaking about my photography.. so he was kind enough to reach out to me.

What an awesome privilege it was to have them drive down this past weekend to capture the connection they have together.  They really were so much fun to photograph as Megan has such a contagious spirit and smile that could warm any room and seeing the two of them interact was priceless.

I told Jason that he truly deserves the 'husband of the year' award as I feel that most husbands would not want to spend a free Saturday driving to go take photos.. To see him value memories of the two together says a lot about him and his relationship with Megan.  

I truly want to celebrate these two and congratulate them on five years of marriage! 

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