Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Ashlyn & Corey's Wedding Day

I once heard that the whole point in taking a photograph is so that you don't need to explain it in words.. So if I were to NOT say one thing in this blog but only post images.. I would pray and hope that you would see the love and energy between Corey and Ashlyn on their wedding day.

It really felt great to get out there again and photograph a love story.  It's nearly been a year since I photographed a wedding.. and in all honesty, I think the reason why I stopped booking so many weddings is because of the pressures I put on myself to capture and document the importance and significance of a wedding... to where I used to become anxious, nervous and would dread the expectations of what I may or may not capture that day.

So getting out there for Ashlyn really made me realize that photographing someone's love story is not to be taken lightly but it also made me realize that if I believe in something, am moved and touched by a moment then that is when the truth reveals itself in my images.

My goal with hand selecting these images for my highlight reel is not to showcase the beautiful color of flowers, the bright blue sky on her wedding day, the vibrant greenery, the stagnant posed photos with smiles or even images of recognizing the camera and being self-aware of being photographed..

No, no, no..  The real beauty begins the moment when one decides to be themself.. and that was my intention all along for this wedding.  To show people the relationship of Corey and Ashlyn, to connect with their emotions and be in that moment.

So.. Cheers to Ashlyn and Corey!  It was a beautiful wedding that truly inspired me to capture your love story.  I do hope you enjoy these moments as much as I did.

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  1. Love, love, LOVE your work! And these photos are just perfect! Thanks for sharing.