Thursday, September 27, 2018

ChubbFathers - Alabaster

If you don't have a favorite lunch spot I highly recommend the fine folks over at ChubbFathers in Alabaster.  Not only is the food delicious but William and his wife Stephanie are very welcoming as well as full of fun personality that adds all the more character to the quaint family business.

Burgers, wings, Fish Tacos, Phillies and Po-Boys are just to name a few of the ever-so-popular dishes that I overheard being ordered earlier this week during our session.

Throughout the restaurant, I couldn't help but take note of the 'FEED THE PEOPLE' logo placed throughout the business as well as tattooed on William's forearm.  He loves giving back to the community and encourages others to bring non-perishable items and he will match what is given to local charities in need.

Rather you are a local or a passer-byer.. or just want to explore a new location.  I think you should most definitely give these guys a try.. support a local, family business and give back to the community!

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Lula's 6 month

Well hello there sweet Tallulah!! Six months already?  Sitting up?  Smiling, laughing.. playing!!  She sure is a joy and has such a stinkin cute personality.. I can tell that her big sis, Eloise and her are going to be the best of friends.

The sessions with the Howell family have always been so much fun to take part with so this past Saturday I couldn't wait to see how much the girls have grown.  Eloise even showed me her new big girl room with bunk beds while baby Lula was content with her baby crib for now...but, not to worry.. I think that Eloise will be more than willing to share the top bunk when the time comes!


Regardless with how many times and how many years pass by.. I am always excited to see what moments are captured in the comfort of their home. I am always in love with the colors and little details that their home has as well as all the fun dresses and bows that the girls are in. and of course, I love seeing their collage of memories in photos that can be seen throughout the home.

Baby Talullah is half-way to one year so cheers to savoring all these last few months of babyhood before she decides to turn one, start walking into another exciting world called 'toddlerhood'.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

NU Tires

I love having the opportunity to go out and photograph local small businesses, the owners and their employees!!  It's a great way for me to get up close and personal with these workers as well as get a feel of the community that they work and serve in.

Not only did I learn a thing or two about tires, the process and skills that go behind it but I also was able to gather a feel on the small, quaint town of Carbon Hill, Alabama!  These guys have a nice following of locals within their community and the perfect location.  They are situation off the main hwy, probably just a half  mile off of I-22.  The two workers Bob and Jeffery have been with this company for over 10 years now and the owner John has been in the tire business for generations.

To say these guys are knowledgeable would be an understatement.  They could probably work on cars with their eyes closed!

I also enjoyed meeting some of their local patrons that frequent the tire shop.  David was one of the friendly faces. He drove the most awesome vintage orange pick up truck.. so of course I grabbed a photo!