Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Welcome Penelope


I realize that to some people a photograph should be perfectly posed, in place, centered and stagnant.  Which of course, there is a time and place for this style but as many have come to know me, will know this is nothing with how I want to photograph.

Give me a home full of energy, laughter and life!  

If I leave a session with the capability to capture and convey this energy and moment in time with my camera, than I find it a session well done.

This is what I absolutely love about the Uffinger family.  They are full of life, they welcome the uncertainties of what may or may not be with each session we have and it's always a true blessing.

Speaking of blessings, baby Penelope was sent straight from heaven.  She is truly an angel and is just over a couple weeks which makes her the newest addition into their household.

Nina and Max are still getting acquainted with their new baby sister and I might add that Nina and Penelope almost share the same birthday month!!  So I was able to grab a handful of photos for Nina's two year snaps.

Both older siblings were so gentle with her.  They gave her lots of kisses and cuddles to show the newborn she is loved!

I always enjoy the opportunity to see these guys so thank you again for allowing me to come into your home and capture new moments with Penelope.  

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  1. Another great job, Leigh Ann. Always love to hear the story behind the photographs. Great to see you today!