Thursday, August 16, 2018

Waugh Automotive


I have always loved the character of an Automotive Shop so yesterday's session was a lot of fun for me!  I got to visit Anniston yesterday morning and explore Waugh Automotive.  Jamey and his staff made me feel right at home as I got to explore the different vehicles that they use and sell parts for people looking for specifics.  There was no shortage of variety with wheels, radios, mirrors, bumpers and engines.. They look to have it all!

I found myself thinking that this business had so many fun details that it literally would take a day to capture all the character and textures that each wall and aisle carried but hopefully, you can gather an idea on the variety this family business has.

If you are looking to replace a part on your car or are looking for something particular, I would most definitely give these guys a call to see if they will have what you are looking for.

They were personable, knowledgeable and experienced.  I know these guys are doing well in their community!

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