Monday, August 27, 2018

Millie's Breakthrough

For many of you who have followed Millie's journey, you may remember how insecure, scared and awkward she was for the first several months.  She didn't trust anyone, was scared to eat in front of people, didn't know how to walk on hardwood floors and didn't seem like a dog at all.  She was just a skeletal frame of no emotion.. shut off from the world.

It has literally taken one year and one month for her to be comfortable around any water.  She was so fearful at the beginning months and then with time and repetition, she grew to accept it and drink from the shoreline, all the while, making sure her big toe never touched the cold, wet substance.

Eventually she was okay with crossing a narrow creek or attempting to jump over water and puddles but never seemed to be at ease with it..

Not until recent..

So here are pictures to prove it!  I know, I wouldn't believe it either.. it just goes to show that each one of us aren't ever fully through with progress and growing into a better version of what we once were.

Millie was ready in due time to show me that she is still making progress in her life as she slowly forgets what it's like to be fearful.

I can see it in her eyes how confident and proud she is of this moment!  To be free, without worry or reserve.. to play without fear and to trust her capability to let go and just be.

This was a moment I felt I should celebrate with her as I know that it wasn't easy for her to breakthrough to new boundaries. 

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