Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Baby Jonah

Everybody meet baby Jonah!!  He is just two-weeks young and is already plotting on how to save the world.  This cutie has been one of the most stoic, deep thinkers that I have had the pleasure to photograph in a while!!

His easy going attitude and thoughtful stare has me thinking he sure does have a lot on his mind!

Ofcourse we cannot forget about big brother Jackson!  He seemed to be eager to love on his new baby brother all the while cautious on what is the best way to hold a newborn baby.

Jackson is always camera ready and seemed to be a natural at holding babies.  Jackson's new brother didn't seem to mind at all and allowed him to hold him with ease.

This little fella looks like he is getting settled into the new world quite nicely!  He seems to be somewhat accepting of the new place as he acclimates to clothing, feeding schedules and a whole new routine called life!

Jonah is not lacking in hugs and kisses.  His new family is smitten over their new bundle of joy!!  I am so excited that these guys allowed me to come into their home to be a part of their new chapter.

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