Thursday, August 2, 2018

Short Story Sessions

So.. with all these in home sessions I have had lately, I have recently been inspired to create a new photo series for clients to book.. I shall call these the Short Story Series.  So, of course I will still offer my on location mini-sessions, standard portrait bookings and hourly event rates but this is to cater towards a more specific audience who wants to capture the details and life they live at home.

A few ideas I can give that create fun memories are baking cookies, story time, having tea or playing dress up in a little girl's room, bringing home your newborn for the first time, the ideas are endless.

I plan to create a price list for the 2018  Short Story Series that will include more details, more images, more coverage and most importantly.. memories to keep you for a lifetime.

The Short Stories will be sessions in the comfort of your home to document a time in your life that you want to keep bottled up forever.  It should be something you want to remember long after that moment has passed.

These sessions wouldn't be a story without including a proof box to hold and archive your favorite memories to go along with the session.  Prices start at $350 and go up from there depending on each individual's needs.

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