Friday, July 20, 2018

Welcome to the 'Hoods'

Yesterday afternoon at 12:30, the Hood Family awaited anxiously for the birth of their daughter.  Britni and Adam have been amazing to allow me to capture some of the most important and amazing chapters in their life so far, so I was humbled to be allowed into this safe-haven with their family.

Britni's sister Jordan along with her daughters ( the two out of the four doting cousins of the new baby) and the loving, proud grandparents of the new baby were some of the familiar faces I have come to know over the years.

The new baby is not lacking any affection, attention and love!  Everyone had a chance to hold the new baby girl and welcome her to the world.

Ashlyn and Drue are the older sisters of the new baby and I absolutely fell in love with the moment Ashlyn brought the not so baby anymore, Drue, to the room.  She couldn't wait to burst through the door to have a peek at her new baby sister.

She is adjusting to not being the 'baby' anymore so we all weren't exactly sure how she would approach her new sibling.

Drue couldn't wait to run over to the bed where her mom and dad were waiting with the new baby.  She was lifted up and put down right beside her.. There was a pause of silence and then the newly assigned big sister let out a big 'AWWWWWWWW' as though she expressed it as a sign of approval.

She even was bold enough to lean forward and 'pet' her!  Watching the toddler interact with her newborn sister was one of the sweetest moments.  She even sang happy birthday to her with the brand new guitar that her mom and dad got for her.

I predict that they will soon become fast friends.

As always, I truly enjoy having the opportunity to see the Hood family.  This was a very special time for so many that I will remember this session for a long while. 

Thank you my friends!!

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