Tuesday, July 17, 2018

New Goals

photo credits to Chris Tickell & Gordon Harvey

With the retirement of weddings it is amazing how much more free time I have.. so much more free time that I actually have discovered running as my hobby!!  As odd as it sounds, yes.. I have decided to give endurance running a go. After-all, I've always hated running but I've always loved the outdoors and trails... and I must admit that it is kind of refreshing to have something completely non-photography related..

I've always made a promise to myself that life should never be about settling or complacency.  When you find yourself bored, content or worse.. just existing.. you should really look deep into your deepest thoughts and think of one of the most scariest, hardest and impossible things that you could never believe you are strong enough to do.. and challenge yourself... and by all means, make sure it's a positive goal.. We don't want anyone scared of drugs and go out and try them as the whole process of this challenge is to be productive, positive and enrich your lifestyle not make it worse.

So if you ever wonder what ever happened to me.. no need to worry.. I am just in the process of challenging my own personal boundaries and limits and can be found most weekends out in the woods somewhere running trails.. as I prepare for a half-marathon this November.

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