Thursday, July 19, 2018

Final Days

Yesterday afternoon I experienced a very heartfelt, touching photo session with Clay and Elizabeth for their dying dog, Champ.  I know it was extremely hard for these guys to allow themselves to be emotionally vulnerable during this time.. I myself had a very difficult time keeping it together and found myself crying a handful of times throughout our session.
So I would like to personally thank Clay and Elizabeth for allowing me to come into their home during this time to document the final days of their beloved family dog, Champ.

He has been a part of so much for the past decade that it would be hard to look back at the relationship and marriage of Clay and Elizabeth and not remember Champ.

I broke all rules of being a 'professional' and found myself crying off and on throughout the session.. so my apologies.  

The purpose of documenting this time was not to pretend that everything is pretty and perfect.. but to honor and remember Champ while he is here with them and that he is loved always and forever.
Sometimes people want to avoid any grief or sadness but I think more individuals should face these emotions head on.  It connects you to humanity and it is what makes us human. 

I am going to keep all these guys in my thoughts and prayers as they try to embrace, comfort and appreciate the final days of their beloved.  I know that this was not an easy session to face but I do hope that they will remember this time as a time for reflecting and also as a reminder that life is short, it is precious and most importantly.. it is fleeting. 
'Until one has loved an animal, a part of ones soul remains unawakened. - Anatole France

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