Thursday, March 8, 2018

Welcome Tallulah

 Oh goodness!!  I couldn't wait to post these sweet moments of Tallulah with her new big sis, Eloise.  Ofcourse, everyone got the chance to love on Ms. Tallulah.. She was up for anything.. I didn't hear a peep out of her and she had no complaints.. Can I say perfection?!?

Typically with newborn sessions, we atleast need one feeding break but nope.. not this trooper.  She not only didn't need a feeding during our session but she wanted to stay awake the whole time and observe all the action.  I'm hoping she slept extra good that night so that the new mom and dad could catch up on rest.

Eloise, her big sis, seemed to have a lot to celebrate.  Not only is she the new title of 'big sister' but she just celebrated her 2nd birthday this past month.  She loved snuggling up to her new sister and being able to hold her! 

She proved her big sis status well!!!

Anyways, a big congratulations to the Howells as they embark on their new journey as parents of two beautiful baby girls.

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