Wednesday, March 14, 2018

TSSI Products

The past couple weeks have been filled with ventures into some awesome businesses located throughout Alabama.  I went from convenience stores, popular BBQ hang outs as well as a popular burger joint.

What do all these places have in common you may ask..  I'll give you a hint.. It typically is very much enjoyed frozen.

Yes!!  The TSSI company has a variety of amazing products that you may have many a time enjoyed without even knowing it!  

My personal favorite was the Bushwacker Machine that is installed at Moes BBQ.  

I did learn something new!!  Milo's famous Sweet Tea also uses one of their products and offers an all time favorite classic slushy.  This fun and refreshing treat can be found at THE STORE located in Pell City!!  

I did have a sip and if you love ice cold sweet tea, then you are going to really LOVE it as a slushy.  I have a feeling that this will not be my last Milo's slushy!!

Tommy's store Liberty Convenience was another really cool location that I visited.  In this family friendly store he has an amazing display of Frozen Yogurt and toppings with his TSSI machine!  I can guarantee you that this will most definitely be worth a quick stop along any travels you may have planned.

Ofcourse, one of my favorite lunch hot spots when I crave a burger has a TSSI machine!!  I was happy to hear this.  Hamburger Heaven has some amazing milkshakes that they make with their yogurt machine.

Now, who is hungry?

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