Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Greenleaf Hustle Debut

It's been a pretty minute or two since I've had the opportunity to photograph my husband playing his tunes. So this past Saturday, I was so happy to have the opportunity to photograph him performing in a relatively new band called Greenleaf Hustle. They were booked for part of the Airwave Riverkeeper's music festival at Good People.

When Gary isn't playing in the Edmonds Butler Band or Regals he can be found jamming with these guys every Monday at Pale Eddies Pourhouse.

The line up consist of long-time pals from the band CADDLE.. Of course I would like to introduce to you, my husband, Gary Edmonds, on lead, Finney James on drums, Eric Watters on the bass and Jeff Baker is vocals and guitar.

It's a fun group and when I am able to get out, I never like to miss a performance by these guys.  I can take note that they have started to get a following.. so I am looking forward to seeing them booked on more shows as word gets out.

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