Wednesday, February 7, 2018



Now this is a face that makes anyone gush over!!  Big brown eyes.. a head full of dark hair and I would be crazy not to mention he is a sharp dressed little man!  What a great style Eli has greeted me with for this round of photos.

Last time I saw this little guy he was just sitting up.. I must admit he was just as cute then too!!  So I think it's safe to say he is just as cute as can be and I don't foresee this changing :-D

Eli is a year and is running full speed ahead.  His mommy said he started walking around 9 months, so needless to say.. he has had a good few months of practice!

It was so great to see Eli again for photos and I know we were able to capture some of his cute expressions he shared with us.  He was stingy with his smiles but he was nice enough to sneak in a few of them for me to capture..

Thank you for that Eli! 

His smile is contagious, so I'm happy to share these sweet baby grins with you all!!

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