Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Eli's First Birthday!!!

This past weekend, I was so happy to take part and be a witness to Eli's first birthday! There were so many friends and family members who came far and wide to cheer this big boy on as he embarks the wonderful world of 'toddlerhood'..

His mommy did a fantastic job with all the cute details and that helped literally tie everything together.. as Eli's signature look is known for his adorable bow-tie collection.  The cake, cookies and gift favors all could be seen with this perfect accent added.

Eli brought his game face and was able to greet all the guest, eat all his food and enjoy the festivities that were offered.  He did enjoy getting a little messy with his first cake but didn't seem too particularly fond of the clean up that had to occur after-the-fact.

He is a popular little boy and I loved seeing everyone there to help commemorate this big day for the little guy! Happy Birthday Eli!  I know this year will fly by just as quickly as your first year did.. So enjoy every, single minute.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018



Now this is a face that makes anyone gush over!!  Big brown eyes.. a head full of dark hair and I would be crazy not to mention he is a sharp dressed little man!  What a great style Eli has greeted me with for this round of photos.

Last time I saw this little guy he was just sitting up.. I must admit he was just as cute then too!!  So I think it's safe to say he is just as cute as can be and I don't foresee this changing :-D

Eli is a year and is running full speed ahead.  His mommy said he started walking around 9 months, so needless to say.. he has had a good few months of practice!

It was so great to see Eli again for photos and I know we were able to capture some of his cute expressions he shared with us.  He was stingy with his smiles but he was nice enough to sneak in a few of them for me to capture..

Thank you for that Eli! 

His smile is contagious, so I'm happy to share these sweet baby grins with you all!!