Monday, January 15, 2018

Mother Millie

It has now been two months since Millie's official adoption and seven months since her arrival at our home as a foster. I decided that since Millie has improved so much and does not require as much care as she did in the initial beginning, that it was time for me to foster more dogs in need.  This time there was a need for fostering two puppies.  I offered to help these guys for roughly three weeks until they are old enough to go on transport to another shelter.

They are two male lab-pit mixes that are 4 weeks old.  Their names are Jug-Head and Moose.. and my, what cuties they are.  It's been so long since I've been around a puppy that it is like I had forgotten how adorable they are as well as how much work they can be too!!

Never in my wildest dream would I have ever imagined Millie coming to my rescue and helping me with them.  She has truly taken on the role as their foster-mommy.  She will spend countless time playing on the floor with them, sharing the chew toys, licking on them and letting them chew on her gums, tail and ears.  They crawl all over her back as she licks on them and smells them as though she is nurturing them.  It makes me wonder if she at one time had puppies of her own.

I know Millie's presence has been a very positive experience for the puppies and I also know it has been a positive one for Millie too.  I like to think that she is paying it forward and showing them the love that she once desired and needed as I truly think she understands the need for second chances.

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