Friday, January 19, 2018


Sometimes I just walk past their pen while they sleep and just look at them and smile.  I find myself counting down the days that we have left together..  Sixteen days to be of fact.  

I have never experienced loving and nurturing a puppy that I knew that they would not be mine to keep.  It's tough as I see them bonding to me, trusting me, following me around, taking to my command, using the bathroom where they should be, running and playing and having not a care in the world. They play so carefree as though life is so grande and wonderful!

If I had one wish for these two pups it would be that they are adopted to someone that makes their life fun.. That they wouldn't have to worry about where their next meal will come from and that they will experience unconditional love from someone who is committed to see them through.

Will I foster again?  

Absolutely.. It is hard work, it is also hard to let them go and always wonder what happens to them.  I will always want to look for them years to come and I guarantee when I see a dog that looks somewhat familiar as how I think they would look later on.. I will think about them.

I don't believe in limiting my ability to open my home to others. My heart has grown as it needs more room to love more... so the more I help, the more I love and the more I grow from this experience.

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