Monday, December 10, 2018

Lily's Newborn Session

Lily truly is a Christmas angel!!  Her big curious eyes, perfect plump lips, pinchable cheeks and a head full of hair.  She's just gorgeous!!  I loved spending time with the Stewarts again this past weekend.

Last time I visited with them was for Isaac's newborn session.. and look at him now!  Isaac is now a brand new big brother!

It seems that everyone had their turn to love on Lily. Isaac loved giving her hugs and kisses as Merlin, their beloved fur baby, wanted to smell her.

Lily was born just under two weeks ago and is already showing so much curiosity about her new world.

Her young eyes are already full of sweet, sincere wonder that can easily be seen as she peers up at her mom, dad and big brother.

It looks like Santa came early this year as these guys get to enjoy their beloved new addition into their family!  I'd love to wish these guys a very Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

The Moller Family

There is one thing that I know is captured each session I have photographed with the Moller Family.. and that is LIFE!!  This amazing family has always been very welcoming as we have documented Brita's early years in the comfort of their home.

This past Saturday we were thankfully still able to meet up despite the rainy conditions.  It was the perfect cozy Saturday afternoon to stay indoors.. to which Brita showed me some of her building blocks, her favorite 'time out' stool and she even enjoyed some Chocolate milk to help pass the time.

She was full of laughs as the free spirit she is.  Her energy is contagious and I am reminded how the spirit of Christmas  can be magical!

I hope these guys have a wonderful Christmas as they celebrate family and those they love.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Unforeseen Hobby

Hey guys!!!  I am super excited to announce that I've just completed my first half-marathon.  For those who don't know me too well probably don't know that I used to HATE running.  The furthest I'd ever ran up through my young adult life was a mile until probably my mid-thirties.

My friend had a free admittance into a 5k.. I agreed to run it. I actually found that it was somewhat enjoyable.  Seeing everyone out there trying to better themselves, challenge their abilities.. I don't know, it was just an overall positive environment that intrigued me.

So.. fast forward to another year.. My friend had yet, another free race pass.. but this time it was for a 10k.. I didn't know how far a 10k was, so I had to google it.  Six miles!!!  Gosh.. that sounded miserable.. but as peer pressure would have it.. I agreed to tag along.

I did complete the 10k a rough 1 hour and 13 minutes later.. but that race left an imprint on me.  It made me realize that I am stronger than I ever realized.. It helped me develop a love/hate relationship with running and before long.. I became curious about endurance running.. The challenges of running as well as the perks (  higher metabolism, more energy and better sleep). It just sort of became a part of me and I realized that I didn't like how I felt if I wasn't able to get out there and run

So.. up to speed.. present day.. I am now 38 years old and feel as though I am in better shape than when I was 21 years old.  I am not fast by any means and I am no professional for sure but I do know that I show up and I believe in always challenging my capabilities.

We are not promised our health another day and I realize that I could have the gift of running stripped away from me in a split second rather it be from an accident or unforeseen illness..

Running has taught me to live in the present.. Don't take anything for granted.. Don't stress about parking far away or because the elevator is broken.  Be thankful that you can take those stairs and walk the extra distance.

Now that I reached my goal of having successfully ran a half, people ask if I am done.  Will I run anymore?  yes.. YES ofcourse I have plans to run more.  This whole process has changed me.. physically and mentally that I can't imagine NOT running.

What's next you may ask?  As a matter of fact, I have a 25k trail run to start out my new year. Now this will be a whole other can of worms...

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Something for Everyone

For those who participated in this year's annual mini sessions, thank you!!

I ended up having so much fun seeing all the amazing, fun, beautiful families that have continued to show their support year after year. 

For this year, due to booking conflicts, bad weather, limited availability and new obligations.. I decided to only allow for one weekend where families could come in for a quick in and out family photo. 

One weekend meant one location.. meaning I needed a spot that offered something for everyone.. So after much thought on location, I chose the Vulcan Park and Museum.  What's not to like about it.. Accessible parking, public bathrooms, a beautiful skyline, fall colors and central location for everyone who traveled from north, east, west and south of the Birmingham area.

I am always reminded how quickly time passes as the children I photographed aren't as young as they once were..which only means one thing.. I'm not either :-/

There were new additions from an adorable puppy to precious babies.  Some of the children that weren't walking last year are running this year. 

To all that booked again for this year.. Thank you !!  I had an awesome time and until next year.. I hope everyone has a wonderful, safe and joyous holiday season.  See you next time!!

Monday, November 12, 2018

The Crocker Family

Technically speaking.. it should be the Crockers, McCulley and Hood family session but found that I would not have enough Title Space for this.. So , we shall call this the Crocker Family Photo session!!  After All.. sisters, Jordan and Britni, were once Crockers before marrying and having a family to call their own.

I love seeing these guys and am proud to say, we have made it 3 years in a row.. If I am not mistaken.  time does slip by quickly, so I tend to loose count sometimes.. regardless, some of these babies aren't  babies anymore and while they all welcomed a new baby into the family just a few short months ago.  Edith Crawford makes a fine new addition to this amazing family!

Darlene and Dennis are the two proud grandparents of this adorable fun bunch!  I think it's safe to say that between all these cute smiles there is a little bit personality to keep us entertained for the duration.

The McCulley family consists of Joe, Jordan, Harper, Ella, Levi and Ryder.. oh,, and their family pug.. Ottis 'Ottie'.. I found that throughout the session I called him both, so I honestly can't be for certain!! LOL

Regardless.. I found myself cracking up at Levi's witty personality and Ryder's little old man looks he gives the camera from time to time.   Ella and Harper always seem to be spot on with their smiles.. such a great age!!

And I think I've just about covered it all.. but of course, I can't forget Britni and Adam Hood!!  These guys are the reason why I have been blessed enough to come to know the rest of the family.  They have always been generous to keep my photos in mind from time to time.

Now that they recently welcomed baby Edith into the family, it has allowed me the chance to see them just recently for her newborn.

The oldest is Ashlyn, and she is an amazing big sister to Drue and Edie.

Everyone seems to be excited about the upcoming holiday season as they prepare for the old traditions with new additions!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

The Hanson Family

Linley and Victor are the cutest couple to photograph and with cutie pie Henry.. it is just an overload of cuteness!!  I've been fortunate enough to have these guys in front of the camera before for their wedding day and then again for Henry's one year photos, so when Victor wanted to surprise his beautiful wife with a session, I loved that he reached out to me for being their photographer.

Henry is now running around.. by the looks of it, I think he'd make a great trail runner as we met up at our local trails for a quick session.  It was perfect!  The leaves are just starting to turn and the mild temperatures made it comfortable for us to endure.

Everything seemed effortless with them as I feel that we were in our element of fresh air and sunshine.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Harrison Family

Over the past handful of years I have truly come to look forward to seeing the Harrison family. These guys have always been such a joy to photograph and I would personally like to thank Kay for keeping me in mind and valuing the importance of documenting her precious family!

Sam and Fin make the cutest brothers and are always a good time to have in front of the camera. Their laughter is contagious and they both have eyes that smile!  Such happy boys that if a photo could, I am sure you can only imagine hearing all the giggles that were captured during our fun photo session. 

I not only loved having the chance to see the family again but also wanted to thank them for allowing me into their beautiful home!  I ended up with a handful of favorites that shows their fun and eclectic energy that always leaves me inspired to photograph them as they are!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Jason & Megan

Meet Jason and Megan!!! They are celebrating five years of marriage together so to commemorate this time, Jason decided to surprise her with a portrait session!!  How awesome and sentimental is that?  Since their marriage, they have moved to Tennessee but Jason always remembered his lovely wife speaking about my photography.. so he was kind enough to reach out to me.

What an awesome privilege it was to have them drive down this past weekend to capture the connection they have together.  They really were so much fun to photograph as Megan has such a contagious spirit and smile that could warm any room and seeing the two of them interact was priceless.

I told Jason that he truly deserves the 'husband of the year' award as I feel that most husbands would not want to spend a free Saturday driving to go take photos.. To see him value memories of the two together says a lot about him and his relationship with Megan.  

I truly want to celebrate these two and congratulate them on five years of marriage!