Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Spaulding Family

I sure hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and are still carrying on the holiday season celebrations!!  I know one family in particular sure is!!  I was thrilled to see the Spaulding family again and couldn't be happier that my friend, Sally, kept me in mind for this year's family photos..

It's not that often that she gets back this way so it was very special and rare to have her mom and dad as well as husband with their two gorgeous twin babies all together for a family photo. So she decided to give her mom a photo session as one of her gifts so she could have some updated photos with her grandbabies.  So special!!!

Sally and Chad have been living in Idaho probably going on two years now.  They had been living in Colorado for the past several years so it has been a while since Sally has lived here in her hometown.

I have fond memories of visiting her parent's house and loved returning to it this morning for their photo session.  Everyone looked like they had a very Merry Christmas and ofcourse the twins are growing up in a hurry!

I had met them only once before over this past fall and even since then, they have grown and transformed so much.

I would like to give a big thanks to the Spaulding family for taking the time to schedule their family photos.  I hope that Sally's parents will enjoy the remaining time with their grandbabies and have a wonderful new year. I do hope to be seeing these guys again soon and wish them all safe travels back to their home at the end of this week.

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