Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Millie Goes to the Lake

Run, play..and run some more!  This past weekend my husband and I decided to spend some down time at the family lake house.  This was Millie's first time to visit the place and we weren't sure what she would think or how she would act.  Needless to say, she fit right in!

I do believe she was full speed ahead the whole time and I feel it made the trip more fun for Lola as well.  She had someone to accompany her with all the play time any dog could ask for.

The water levels were way down as they are most winters.. so this allowed us to explore the shoreline.  It made a great play ground for the pups, who ran tirelessly around in circles, played tug and ran up and down the shore, finding sticks to chew on.

I didn't see any fear in Millie's eyes.  It is as though she ran full speed ahead, not needing to check behind her or stop at the sight of something unknown that lay in front of her.

She seemed more concerned with keeping up with our Lolacoaster.

Morning times were my favorite time to take them walking.  We would walk to the top of the hill, around the circle and eventually end up down on the shoreline.. Where they would run and chase one another.

The sounds of summer were long gone.. on occasion, I could hear the wine of a fisherman's engine passing by as it echoed off the shore walls.  The lake was vast and empty.  It was lifeless compared to that of just a quick 4 months ago.

In the afternoon, Gary and I would play board games, watch Christmas movies, we went to town one afternoon and grabbed dinner.  We also decided to go see all the Christmas lights on display at the Sportsman Lake downtown. It was a great quick trip out of town that was very much needed by all!

Our little get-away was a very nice welcome.  There was no hustle and bustle of things needing to be done.  Time didn't exist for the past four days.  Having Millie join in on the fun added a whole new dynamic to our lake-cation..

As 2017 comes to a close, I find myself thinking how so much can happen within a year for many people.  Millie in particular has seemed to experience so much.. From being isolated and close to death to now traveling to all kinds of places with a family of her own and socializing with all walks of life. 

She's enjoyed the beach, hiking, several state parks, music festivals, Cocktails For Critters, the dog park, playing in the snow for the first time and last but not least.. the lake house, where hopefully she will spend many years enjoying!

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