Friday, December 8, 2017

Millie's First Snow.

What a fun surprise for us to wake up to!  I wasn't sure if my eyes were playing tricks on me.. Snowing??  In early December??  In Alabama??  I can't ever remember it snowing like this during all my life this early on in the year.  

I couldn't wait to see how Millie would react to the white fluffy stuff and took it upon myself to get outside ASAP!  

Lola had seen snow before, had played in it a handful of times and wasn't as eager to get out in it as Millie.. but after Lola saw how much fun Millie was having, she was convinced and joined in like she was a puppy all over again.

I could only imagine how Millie would have acted towards the unfamiliar terrain just a few short months ago.  She probably would have not wanted to go near it, let alone jump and run circles full speed ahead.

That is just what she did.  She ventured without hesitation onto the cold, wet ground and played like there was no tomorrow.

It warmed my heart to see her running around, coaxing Lola to play and chase her as though her only care in the world was making sure she was having fun.. and having fun is what she knows how to do a lot of these days.  

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