Saturday, December 2, 2017

17 Days Post-Adoption

It has now been 17 days since Millie's official adoption... We have put our Christmas tree up and are preparing to celebrate together as one big fam this year! She seemed unsure about the tree and it's festivities at first.. but it didn't take long for her to adjust after I caught her chewing on one of the teddy bear ornaments.

I gently took it away, told her no and have not seen any evidence of 'disappearing' ornaments since that day.

She is so routine that she helps me keep a routine. Millie loves her bed time.. anything later than 10pm and she dismisses herself to our bedroom. I have also started noticing she wags her tail in her sleep during her dreams and acts as though she is running wild and free somewhere.

I can remember when we first got her she would tremble and growl in her sleep as though she was fearful. So, I like to think she has happy thoughts and sweet dreams now.

Her mile speed has increased from 30 minutes a mile to a 15 minute mile time during our daily walk. She has finally found a consistent pace and is no longer in the back of the hiking line as she use to stay.
Millie is full speed ahead. She is now boldly stepping into unknown territory with more confidence. The fallen tree logs that I use to have to pick her up and carry her over on our hikes are now being jumped over at high speeds. She no longer lets this obstacle stop her.
Just earlier today, we took a hike and I put my phone in her backpack to hold.. I unknowingly forgot it automatically detects any movement and exercise.. so when I went to retrieve my phone after our hike it read that I 'ran' 4.5 miles in 45 minutes, not even knowing I had been running.. and then it dawned on me that the phone had been on Millie the whole time.
She is a completely new dog. She looks different, acts different and is different. She has transformed into a happy, confident, loving and loyal companion.
​I want to make sure that her first Christmas experience with us as her new family will be one to remember as a time of renewal and rebirth.

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