Monday, November 20, 2017

Day 5 Post Adoption

It hasn't even been a week since Millie was officially adopted into our family and my husband and I both can see an amazing transformation.  It is almost as if she knows! 

Millie is confident with exploring new areas, she is showing more of a sense of curiosity than she is fear.  She walks up to people to smell them and see what they are about... and I have seen her ask strangers to be petted... and of course, they reach down to do so!

I have finally heard her speak!  Her voice is an amazingly, fierce and powerful bark that sounds like a low rumble.  This past week she heard a strange noise coming from the back porch. It concerned her, so she ran to the door and gave it one loud bark. I went to check and it appears that the wind had blown over some boxes.  I nodded in approval for Millie's diligence and observance.. she seemed to puff up in a proud manner..

Prior to adoption, I had hoped she would grow to love the outdoors, hiking, adventure, people and being around social situations. I think it is safe to say, she LOVES being on the go.  I can't even put my shoes on or grab her leash without her jumping up and down from excitement.

She has learned how to do about almost everything except jump in a car.  I find it comical to be seen lifting this big ol' 60lb of muscle into a little car.. but I will do what I have to do until she feels comfortable doing this on her own time.

Millie does insist that she is a lap dog and I often endure my leg falling asleep from her weight in the evening time when we all watch television.. She is one of the most affectionate dogs I have known.. maybe she is making up for lost time?

This week is a great week to remind myself how thankful I am.. I am thankful for taking a chance.. (I can remember hesitating on calling about Millie as she was not available for adoption at the time.) I am also thankful for the staff at the GBHS that work day in and day out caring for animals such as Millie, in hopes they too will one day find a home.  I am thankful for my husband and family for being supportive of my decision to take on another dog and responsibility.  With their support, it made me caring for her needs all the more easier. I am thankful for that woman who found her and surrendered her that day to the Humane Society, in hopes she would have a better life.

It wouldn't and couldn't have worked if all of these things did not come into play as it isn't just one person who makes a difference.. but rather all of us!

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