Monday, November 13, 2017

Day 111

We are on the final stretch of Millie's foster-to-adopt program!  The anticipation of her belonging to us for good has me so excited!  This should be the BIG week we've been waiting for over the past several months..

It really has been a very rewarding process for me.  Seeing the baby steps she took to becoming a confident, playful and loving pup.

She went to have her surgery to be spayed six days ago.  Millie had to stay over night for observation at the clinic.  That was the longest night that I've had in a while.  We had all grown so accustomed to her being with us that the house seemed vacant.  She seems to have become the final piece to our puzzle... where it just makes more sense to have her with us.

The following morning, I couldn't wait to get up and go get her.  We stopped and bought her a stuffed toy and waited in the lobby for the staff to retrieve her.  They returned a few minutes later with no Millie.. I became a little anxious and that is when they informed me that she has refused to walk for anyone and they wanted me to walk back there to see if she would move.

I followed the vet tech to the back and that is when I saw her... they had her kennel all nice with food and blankets and a bed.. all the nice sentiments of our home.. but her head remained down.. until she heard my voice.  Oh, that was the best feeling in the world when I saw her jump up on her feet and ready to walk out. 

In a way, maybe this was her validation she needed from us to know that she is forever ours.  We came back for her and that is all the proof she needed to have.

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