Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The Brooks Family

What a great way for me to end this past weekend!  There wasn't a cloud in sight and I had the wonderful opportunity to hang out with one of my all time favorite families!!  The Brooks Family!

I may be over complimentary when I visit but they have the prettiest set up.  It is the perfect location for their family session and the kiddos already make themselves at home!

Brooks, Brady, Dawson and Drake are all growing up so fast that if I didn't keep up with these guys I honestly wouldn't recognize these big boys.. and let me tell you.. these boys love their Uncle Trey!

They all went over to him to give him hugs and grab a quick photo with him.  We were also able to capture some sweet photos of the boys with their fun-loving, forever young grandparents..

This tight-knit family is easy to photograph as you can see it carries over in photos. Their affection and love for one another runs deep and I always leave feeling refreshed and energized after leaving their presence.

These guys are definitely blessings to many people and I am so happy to call them friends over the years!

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