Monday, October 16, 2017

Day 81

Every year Gary and I have our annual Pumpkin Carving Party where friends come dressed up. We watch scary movies on our back porch, eat chili and carve pumpkins.. in preparation for the week before Halloween.

Since it is Millie's first Halloween to spend with us, we wanted her to feel included and prepared for our get-together.  I wasn't sure if she would wear a costume at first due to her uncertainty about new things.. but the past few weeks.. she has become quite the adventurer.

I have noticed her approaching people she does not know and is less timid around new places.  She hasn't cowered down in a few weeks and seems to carry herself with more confidence.  She no longer tries to run away when Gary and I walk past her in a closed in area.. She used to run away when we needed to walk past her but now she has become a toe stubber as she won't get out of our way.

With all this progress, I decided to purchase her a 'WONDER WOMAN' costume this past weekend.  It just seemed so fitting due to her situation.  She has fought so hard to be where she is.  She has proven to be resilient to her horrible past and she believes and hopes in good things.  She definitely has my vote on being the REAL Wonder Woman.

The outfit looks perfect on her!  It looks like it was made for her!  So I am excited about included her with all our holiday festivities this year.  She knows she is part of our family now, as I can see how her layers have peeled back month by month..She shines like a new pearl.


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