Friday, October 6, 2017

Day 73

Just 17 more days until Millie will be eligible for adoption!  We have cared for her 73 days out of 90 days with the Greater Birmingham Humane Society foster program.  I can't even begin to tell you how rewarding it has been to have her under our watch.  She has truly come into her own the past couple of months.

My husband and I decided to celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary with a quick beach get-away this past week. The progress Millie has made allowed us to feel that Millie was ready to experience probably what would be her first time to the beach. 

We have taken our Frenchie, Lola, before and felt that not only was Millie deserving of a vacation but Lola was in much need of one of her own as well.  Lola has been ever-so-patient with Millie's arrival.  She has learned to share her toys, her food, her bed but most importantly she has also learned to share her fur mommy and daddy.

We decided to revisit Fort Morgan again. This is my absolute favorite beach of all time because of it's isolation and most importantly.. the beaches at Fort Morgan are DOG FRIENDLY!  

Millie didn't know what to think when we first walked her to the sand.  She looked over at the loud waves as they crashed onto the shore and stared at them for what seemed like ages.  She tip toed on the sand and put her nose to it. 

We proceeded to walk her closer to the shoreline.. and then she realized the noise she was hearing were the waves and they are chasing her.. So she darted back up to what she presumed as the 'safe zone'.. where the sand was soft and dry and the waves could not 'chase' her.

She still is very cautious with the unknown and did not want to walk too close to the shoreline.. so we let her roam comfortably several yards from the ocean.  She loved the sand and the ocean breeze and we enjoyed taking her in the evening time to play and run around.

At night we would cook dinner and sit on the front porch with our dogs.  They could be found laying down, fast asleep from a full day of fresh air.  When the sun would rise, we would too, as we were excited to have another full day together.

As we gather new memories with Millie, I do hope that these new moments are starting to fill the space where her old memories use to be.. until one day, Millie will only think of and know of the life she lives now.

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