Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Horton Family Mini

This mini session of the Horton family is a very special session for me because they donated to the GBHS on their dog, Ally's behalf.

I also must give Patrick some major hubby props as he had worked hard all weekend long... and I get it, that sometimes it is nice to enjoy a weekend where you have nowhere to be.. but hopefully these fun memories will be something that they can look back on and enjoy.

Each and everyone of them are just precious!  I loved having the chance to see how much their babies have grown from just last year's session.

I personally would like to thank the Horton family for booking their mini-session with me this year and also donating to a cause that is very dear to my heart!!

The Brooks Family

What a great way for me to end this past weekend!  There wasn't a cloud in sight and I had the wonderful opportunity to hang out with one of my all time favorite families!!  The Brooks Family!

I may be over complimentary when I visit but they have the prettiest set up.  It is the perfect location for their family session and the kiddos already make themselves at home!

Brooks, Brady, Dawson and Drake are all growing up so fast that if I didn't keep up with these guys I honestly wouldn't recognize these big boys.. and let me tell you.. these boys love their Uncle Trey!

They all went over to him to give him hugs and grab a quick photo with him.  We were also able to capture some sweet photos of the boys with their fun-loving, forever young grandparents..

This tight-knit family is easy to photograph as you can see it carries over in photos. Their affection and love for one another runs deep and I always leave feeling refreshed and energized after leaving their presence.

These guys are definitely blessings to many people and I am so happy to call them friends over the years!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Lauren & Jeremy "I Do"


Sweet Lauren!!!  I  am so happy she asked if I would photograph her wedding.  Word has gotten out that I am no longer booking weddings, so when she called and asked me if I would consider booking her wedding, I didn't hesitate one second.

I was thrilled at the thought of taking part with her wedding as I had photographed her sister's wedding a few years back as well as her mother's wedding and her cousin's.  The Spaulding family always knows how to throw the perfect celebration.. so when it came to documenting Lauren and Jeremy's wedding day, I knew it would be nothing short of amazing!

Jeremy and Lauren married at the Avondale Villa last weekend. They were among their closest friends and family. These guys were equipped with all necessary entertainment needs from some delicious hot food and two yummy cakes to keep everyone's tummy's full and they also had a motown band that had people up and dancing all evening.. but the highlight of my evening was seeing Lauren's dad step on stage with his blue grass band and do some finger pickin!

Lauren even got up and sang a tune or two.

I was back into the groove of wedding photography.. as it has been roughly 6 months since I photographed my last wedding.

I'm thankful that Lauren still entrusted me to do the job right and be there to capture some of the most important moments in her life.

Congratulations to Jeremy and Lauren!  The wedding day was amazing as well as all their friends and family. 

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Tacky Shedder Sessions

Apart from my annual mini-sessions, I decided to add one more seasonal session to the list.  This is for my sister company called 'PIT-STOP' Photos.  This is my pet photography company that donates to the GBHS with every session. 

I felt that because L.A. Photography, LLC receives so many views and has several clients with pets, that it may peak an interest with some of you guys.

If so.. here is what you need to know about the 'TACKY SHEDDERS' sessions.  They are for pets of all kinds.  Yes, the tackier the better! So don't be scared to be bright and bold!! 

Also, these sessions are human friendly but these sessions have more of an emphasis on your pet.  So if you prefer more of a human approach to your photo session, I would recommend staying with the regular mini-sessions.

TACKY SHEDDER Sessions are similiar to the Mini-Sessions.. They are short and sweet sessions on location ( I prefer Morris Avenue for the best look for bright and bold).  These sessions are a great way to do something positive and give back to animals in need.

Your donations help to feed and provide medical treatment and care for these shelter animals!!  I hope to be seeing you and all those tacker shedders soon!!!

Monday, October 16, 2017

The Shunnarah Family

Have you ever met someone for the first time and feel like you've known them forever?  This is how it was when I met the Shunnarah's for the first time!  They instantly opened their hearts and home to me for our first photo session together!

These guys were so much fun!  I enjoyed meeting them this past weekend for a seasonal photo session... although, I do admit, it wasn't too seasonal feeling.  These guys pulled it off like pros though. It was a tad warmer than it should be for a mid-October afternoon.

Raymond Jr. is going to be a heart-breaker for sure!  He has a beautiful head of dark brown hair and big brown eyes!!!  Such a cutie.

I was happy to have taken part with this year's family session for them.