Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Nina's 1 Year


8 month

one year
Time be still.. I often hear this term but oh how much sense this makes.  Nina is now a one year old and I cannot believe how quickly this year has passed by. Each session has truly been very rewarding for me to document and I love reflecting on the year with all our recent sessions.

Nina has a beautiful head of hair filled with curls and big brown eyes that make you think of innocence, love and hope.

We decided to meet at Nina's home.. where our first session took place. I really enjoyed seeing her in her own, comfortable space.  She loves her stuff toy and clung to it tightly.

I honestly don't think this sweet child knows how to take a bad photo!  She was such a blessing to photograph this past year and as always, I wanted to take a minute to post some of my own personal favorites from our session this past Friday.

A big thank you to the Uffingers for allowing me into your home to capture some of these up close and personal moments of your sweet baby girl as she has gone from being cradled to sitting up to now standing!

She is perfect in every way!!

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