Wednesday, September 13, 2017

My Letter to You

To the one that quit Millie,
I often wonder what you were like and have a hundred questions I wish I could ask. If we are to ever meet I must admit, I will have prejudged you by the state you left Millie in the past.

Did you buy her as a puppy?  Was she a gift?  Did you find her on the street?   Did you decide one day that 'this dog was just a 'dog' and it didn't matter how she felt.  It is after all, your 'happiness' right.. that counts?

Let me guess.. she is after all just a 'dog'.. She probably wanted to play too much or she could of peed because you didn't let her out.

I'd like to know why she was starved soo? Did it not cross your mind to feed her? Was this some sort of punishment or was it because you left and were always on the go?

She wouldn't look me in the eye or even lift her head.  Everything scared her. No matter what I said.  She didn't trust me, but I don't blame her much.

It doesn't seem she was shown much compassion...I wondered why?  I wanted to show her that not all people are bad.

Now it has been two months and Millie understands.  It's not all people that are bad.. just some don't deserve a furry friend because they are always thinking of themselves instead.

She shows her appreciation every day when she greets me with a wagging tail.  Sometimes she can't contain her excitement when she sees me come home, so she jumps up and down.

Millie has so much to offer, I'm glad I get to see this.  Not all dogs are given this chance to show their worth. So for you that gave her up, you will never know what you could have had as you probably were solely stuck on yourself.. which is really sad. 

Since the day you left her.. Millie doesn't seem to look back. It is me that is often wondering about you and on the attack. 

She is too busy wanting to play fetch.  She loves when I take her places she's never been.. She's learned how to play and be a dog again. She looks forward to the weekend when I take her hiking.  She has really grown fond of socializing.

Everyone tells her how beautiful she is.  I think she's starting to believe them.. Her walk is confident, her head is held high, she even has a new sparkle in her eyes.

To the one that quit Millie.. I pity you. It isn't the dog we save .. but the dog that saves you.

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