Friday, September 22, 2017

Laurel Grace is One!

Laurel Grace @ 3 months

Laurel Grace 6 months
Laurel Grace 1 year

Laurel Grace turned one this past weekend and I got to take her last session to finalize and complete our 'Watch Me Grow' photo series.  She has really been a true joy to document the various stages she experienced within her first year.  She is already walking as it makes it easier to keep up with her two older siblings, Jonah and Audrey.

Her mother and I joked about all of our past sessions together having barefoot children in them.  Lindsey's babies LOVE the shoe free concept and I must say, I do too!

Each session I have ever worked on with Lindsey, it never fails.. Laurel Grace is always dressed as cute as can be.  She always has the cutest bows and outfits.  I love her little wardrobe full of lace, flowers, pink and soft colors!

She is beautiful and I absolutely was honored to take part with her one year journey!

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