Monday, September 25, 2017

Day 65

With the beginning of fall, I feel that I must prepare for the cooler months by purchasing sweaters and other nick nacks that may be found useful with a cold natured dog.  I must say that guessing Millie's size is a tad tricky.  She's short, she's stocky, and she's long.  So.. when going to buy her clothes I must consider a sweater that is A) long enough a sweater that is B) wide enough and C) a sweater that will not drag the ground.

So, this is why I find this XL Pink Princess Decal sweater so comical on her.. evidently, Millie does not find it funny and is still weary of wearing anything that isn't her skin.

She's being a good sport about it and let's me dress her up like a barbie doll.  Such a sweet disposition and it makes me feel so bad for her.

She is going to thank me later though when the weather starts dropping in temps.  I have a feeling by the end of winter, she is going to be best friends with her fashion line.

1 comment:

  1. Yes I agree. The Sistine Chapel wasn't a painted masterpiece overnight and her love of doggie fashions will grow with time and cold weather!!! She is precious in her baby pink hoodie. Love the pic.