Thursday, September 21, 2017

Day 60

Two months and so much ground covered with Millie!  As she begins to fill out, I think it is pretty evident that she is a BASSET BULLY Mix.  Her extra long torso, short legs and big head and chest are the perfect combination of two dogs mixed into one.  She stands just maybe 15 inches high .. just a tad taller than our French Bulldog but yet she weighs twice as much.

I think it is safe to say that she is no longer emaciated, starved and neglected.  She knows us and she also has come to know her new name we've given her. I don't know if she will gain much more weight than she is now.  She looks as though she never was neglected or starved and those who pass us walking at the park will never have an idea of who she use to be.

She has grown fond of human connection and affection and often asks to be loved on, scratched, cuddled and talked to.  She asks to get in bed with us every evening.. We can never say no and always welcome her with open arms.

I have never in my life had a dog that acts with such human emotions. Her eyes carry so much expression. At night, she sleeps with her head next to mine on the pillow as she rolls over onto her back and snores.. I have made a vow to capture this one day.  It's too cute to keep to ourselves.

Millie has also learned how to sit and stay.  She waits for her command when it's okay for her to jump out of the car and looks at me for her cue. She has also grown accustomed to the word 'NO' as she has chewed up my favorite sandals, two leashes, an electrical cord and chewed out the stuffing of a comforter.

A stern 'NO' is all that is needed to hurt her feelings and let her know it is NOT okay to chew on our things. She is starting to understand that her toys are the chew toys and takes to correction very well.

She is easily trainable and is a great listener.  I realize that two months is nothing compared to where she has been, in what appears to a very tormented living situation. I still have realistic expectations with her and understand that progress doesn't happen over night.

I know it's a slow and steady process and whatever experiences she has had prior to living under our care will take patience.

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