Friday, September 1, 2017

Day 40

I think it's safe to say 'Millie is home now' and she knows it too!  She has carefully let her guard down in the safety of our house. She often rolls onto her side and dozes off throughout the day with no need to jump up at every strange sound. She loves night time when it is time for bed as she likes to lay right next to me, often begging for me to pet on her before we go to sleep and if I don't , she makes sure to paw and remind me that I'm forgetting something.

I don't think I've had a good night's sleep in weeks but it's totally worth seeing her want to snuggle with me. On nights when my husband has a late night gig, Millie awakes me from a deep sleep when she hears the back door open, as if she isn't sure who has entered the house. She uses her nose to push against me until I stir awake. When she realizes it is my husband and her fellow pack mate, she lays back down and falls asleep..

Millie tends to be a morning pup to my dismay, as on average, she naturally wakes me up just after 5 in the morning.  She just can't wait to get her day started as she runs around with one of her toys in mouth. It is as though she is excited to be alive and can't wait to get started living!

Lola and myself are a tad slower as we drag ourselves out of bed with a little less zest.  If I've learned anything from this sweet girl, it is to enjoy life.. be excited about it and yes.. I should face each day as she does with the excitement that she has to be alive another day.

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