Thursday, August 17, 2017

Doggie Donations

Since I have started volunteering at the Greater Birmingham Humane Society, it has allowed me to be up close and personal with the dogs in need of homes.  I walk them, love on them and play with them in hopes to help them feel loved,  if only temporarily.

Sometimes I hear of an adoption with one of the dogs I have gotten to know and sometimes, unfortunately, I hear that the dog isn't always lucky due to overcrowding and it makes me wonder.. Did I do everything I could possibly do within my power to help prevent this?

This is why I have started the Doggie Donation program!  In hopes that I can involve the community of other dog lovers to contribute and in return be able to grab some awesome, cute photos of your fur baby.

I am not putting a 'DEADLINE' with these doggie headshots and foresee this being an ongoing and open donation for as long as people are willing to participate.  These doggie sessions aren't just limited to dogs, as I welcome all animals!

These sessions are held at a location where your pet feels most comfortable, as we want to grab the best photo possible! I want to treat these sessions as I would any other session with good service and high quality images.

After your pet's session, I will email you a link to view online proofing and you can pick your favorite image for a high res download.  This favorite image will be posted with your dog's name and amount that was donated to help out their fellow fur babies.

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