Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Day 7

Today marks one week since we first brought Millie home!  What a difference 7 days can make.  It seems like such a short time but yet there has been so much progress that it feels as though she has naturally been a part of our family.

We have done everything in our power to include her and make her feel loved and we can see through subtle body language that Millie is communicating back to us.  She often licks or nibbles on my hand to show her appreciation and last night, in the middle of the night, she awoke Gary and myself by nudging her nose against us to let us know she needed to go outside to use the bathroom.. she is still mute and does not wine or bark and therefore, she has only communicated to us by touch.

She has literally been a godsend to us as we can see how she is changing our family too.. yes, even Lola. I realize that she came from a sad situation but yet she is resilient and willing to love and trust someone again.

Seeing her smile and act goofy are some of my favorite things to observe.  She does have a goofy side that she only reveals momentarily before she retreats back into her shell.. Just last night while she was outside with Lola, I saw her run side to side and initiate play with us. I stooped down to her level as she came running to tackle me. It warmed my heart to see her being carefree, if only momentarily, for only God knows how long she has bottled up who she wants to be.

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