Monday, August 28, 2017

Day 36

It has been just over a month since I decided to take on the commitment to bringing Millie home.  Within the past month Gary and I both have been proud to witness so many 'first moments' with her.

So far during her stay with us she has experienced a music festival that Gary played at, she loves the outdoors and hiking.  She often jumps up and down when she sees that I grab her leash as this always means we are going somewhere fun. Milie has also become friends with Lola's good buddies, Tucker (a small daschound mix ) and Jackson ( a black lab mix ).

She asks to go out to play and has grown very attached to our Frenchie Lola.  I find the two of them together taking naps and chasing one another around our yard.

I have heard Millie bark briefly.  It was during a heated moment of play when she let out a large 'woof'.. It was playful in spirit yet loud enough to grab my attention.

Millie LOVES chewing on toys and on clothes.  She prefers soft chewy, cloth toys.. so this explains why I find socks scattered throughout the home from where she gets them from the dirty clothes pile that I soon would wash.

She has an innocence about her that I haven't seen in most dogs her age.  The GBHS said she looked to be roughly 3 years of age but after getting to know her and see how curious she is.. it makes me wonder if she is younger.

Millie has most definently gained a significant amount of weight to my liking and I often wonder how much more she will gain before leveling off.  Since Millie has started to fill out some, I can't help but notice her short stocky body resembling that of an English Bulldog.

She is most definitely a one of a kind find and everyone that crosses our path during our walks often seems intrigued by her.  Everyone wants to know what kind of dog she is.

My response is " I wonder the same thing."

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