Thursday, August 10, 2017

Day 16

So it appears that Millie was being social in a not so social way.  I decided to have my closest friends over last night with their beloved dogs to see how she would behave.  To my surprise she did really great as this time last week she would have easily slipped off into the other room and disappeared at sight of any strange face or sound.

Last night she lingered in the room with us.. although by the looks of her, she looked miserable.. but the important part is she stayed and faced her fears and of course all the girl talk one individual could possibly handle.

Millie was a great hit among my friends and everyone loved her.  I was proud to see her eventually venture off of the couch and onto the floor briefly before she retreated back to her comfort zone.

Who would have thought that the same dog laying on my couch, motionless and expressionless would ever have a fun, free spirited personality that she shared with her 'pack' mates just earlier that day.

I look forward to the day to where I can share her adorable personality with everyone else as I think she is just too cute to stay at home alone.  I hope that we will be able to take her to social settings one day and that she will grow to love being around people without thinking that all people are 'bad'.

I often wish I knew her story so that I may better understand but then again.. it is probably best I don't as people have a hard time of forgetting the bad.  I feel that Millie deserves a second chance with not only a new life but a new perspective for others to view her as a normal, healthy, loving pup not the once sad, deprived dog that she once was.

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