Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Day 13 - First Fetch

As the new Millie is coming into full bloom, I am slowly forgetting how fragile she once was just over two weeks ago. Just this morning, we awoke, she ate her breakfast, went outside to do her thing and then we went to the local park for our morning walk.

She was stride for stride with very little hesitation as people passed by.. She only laid down once when she saw someone walking past us and it did take a little bit of encouragement to get her to stand.. but she did it and completed her walk like the big girl that she is.

She still needs a little help being put into the car but jumps out after command with no issue and has discovered her love of all things chew toys.. as her and Lola enjoy sharing a bone and tugging on the stuffed toys we have laying all over our home now.

Just a day or two ago she was feeling more playful than the days prior so I had a go at tossing a toy out in the yard.. and to my surprise she ran after it.  I didn't want to miss it, so thankfully I had my phone in hand to grab a quick video.

It was a huge accomplishment to me as we stood out there for maybe 10 minutes as I would toss the toy for her to run after.  She would run around with it and then eventually return back for me to throw it again.

Lola is a complete toy hog at the moment, so I have learned to play fetch alone with Millie as she is hesitant to grab a toy as Lola always beats her to it... which it's nice to have something to share alone with just her and will use this time to bond with her.

It's hard to say, but I honestly feel that this was the first time ever for her to play with a toy as I can remember the weeks prior.. she did not even know what to do with a toy and had no interest in anything.

This is a new chapter for her indeed as she has learned about the art of having fun.

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