Thursday, July 20, 2017


Some of my favorite parts about visiting a home with a newborn is to observe how the new sibling is adjusting.  Sweet baby Stella doesn't quite know what to think just yet.. after all, her new sister came into her home just 7 short days ago!!

I must say, she is curious about baby Valyn but it didn't take long for her loving, big sister instincts to kick in and she was nothing but sweet and affectionate with her new sister.

It has been literally close to 8 months since I last saw the Marchant family for their Christmas photo session.  Amy had just discovered she was expecting again, so this session clearly is a great reminder that I should see my friends more often.

I always enjoy using our sessions as an opportunity to catch up with these guys.  It's always an honor that Amy and Jason have allowed me to come in and document their exciting journey together.  

Valyn was such a sweet baby and had very little complaints during her first photo session. 

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