Thursday, July 27, 2017

Millie - Day 3

Small steps are large steps when it comes to Millie's daily progress. Gary and I are using this crucial time for healing and recovery. I don't ask much from her and always speak compassionately to her as we want to keep our home as calm and relaxing as possible.

Our goal with her is to eat and rest!  Once she has gained a significant amount of weight and her energy levels are up.. I will then slowly start training her on a leash and allow her to join me and Lola (our Frenchie) on daily walks around the neighborhood and explore the local parks.

She now walks around and is familiarizing herself with our home.  When she walks you can see her little tail wagging back and forth where as on the first day it was kept tucked tight beneath her.. and from time to time,  I do believe I catch a smile.

She's very responsive to my voice and often follows me around when I get up to go in another room or outside but I have yet to hear her voice.  She offers no sound to communicate with me, my husband or Lola.  Her silent nature makes me only wonder what memory or pain she may hold inside.

Millie is highly intelligent and already asks to go outside to use the bathroom by standing at the door. She loves to observe Lola playing with all the dog toys we have accumulated over the years.  Just this morning I saw Ms. Millie nibble briefly on one of the stuffed dog toys Lola had played with earlier and it made my heart happy to see her show a small interest in having fun.

Now that she knows her presence is welcome anywhere that we are, she tip toes ever so quietly onto the couch to where we are and often lays her head on my lap. I've noticed that her body has become more relaxed as she's let down her guard some.

Knowing that these small steps are HUGE.. I still know that we have a loong way to go for her recovery.  She needs to gain roughly 30lbs to be at her healthy weight and we also realize the importance of socializing her with other dogs and people so she will not be so timid.

Our goal is for her to be a dog that is healthy and enjoys life, has no fear and is confident with her ability to be around many situations without shying away, knowing that she is worthy of love.

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