Monday, May 15, 2017

The Johnson Fam

This past Mother's Day weekend I was able to hang out and photograph some amazing families.. The Johnson family is one of the families whom I have come to know very well over the many years.

 I was best friends with Todd's younger sister all through high school, so it's nice to keep touch with them and so awesome that they think of me for photography services.

Lyla and Willa are the cutest sisters and seeing them change and grow over the past handful of years has reminded me that time does not stand still for anyone!!

We met at a beautiful private location owned by Lisa's dad.  It was the perfect session.. well, apart from stickers in grass and bee stings.. Yes, we literally had not taken the first photo yet and little Willa was stung on her foot in the grass and it wasn't long after that Lyla stepped on a sharp sticker on the lawn.

I didn't say country living was easy did I?

They were troopers though, and despite the mishaps.. I do believe we captured some sweet moments.

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