Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Dawson & Drake {MINI}

Due to all the rain we've been having, I feel that my calendar is a game of Tetris.  It's a puzzle of reschedules and changing time slots that must all fit and flow together.

I was really happy to see Dawson and Drake as one of my reschedules from last weekend's weather mishap. We were able to grab some cute photos for Dawson's one year mini-session.  Drake, his older brother, was a lot of help and didn't seem to mind following his baby brother around in hopes we could grab some photos of the two of them.

Dawson is loving his new found freedom of walking and I must add, he is quick!  

Here are a handful of my personal favorites that I wanted to share with you all.  Such handsome boys!!

Monday, May 15, 2017

The Andertons

What a great weekend to celebrate family.  Not only was it Mother's Day on Sunday but it was also Mr. Anderton's birthday.  I was so happy to have met the rest of the Andertons after having met and befriended Nancy, their daughter a handful of years ago.

Since then I photographed their grandson Grayson and now I have the honor to photograph all of them!

These guys were a lot of fun and such an easy going group.  We met for their session at the beautiful Anderton homefront.  I can only imagine how special this place is as this is where they raised their family and I am sure it holds many dear memories for everyone.

I loved the backdrop of the classic car as well as the lush, green scenery and pond.  It really was perfect!  We really couldn't of asked for a prettier day and it is always good to see Nancy and her family.

The Johnson Fam

This past Mother's Day weekend I was able to hang out and photograph some amazing families.. The Johnson family is one of the families whom I have come to know very well over the many years.

 I was best friends with Todd's younger sister all through high school, so it's nice to keep touch with them and so awesome that they think of me for photography services.

Lyla and Willa are the cutest sisters and seeing them change and grow over the past handful of years has reminded me that time does not stand still for anyone!!

We met at a beautiful private location owned by Lisa's dad.  It was the perfect session.. well, apart from stickers in grass and bee stings.. Yes, we literally had not taken the first photo yet and little Willa was stung on her foot in the grass and it wasn't long after that Lyla stepped on a sharp sticker on the lawn.

I didn't say country living was easy did I?

They were troopers though, and despite the mishaps.. I do believe we captured some sweet moments.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Online Freedom

Since the deletion of my personal account from the ever so popular social media site, Facebook, I have really significantly noticed a difference with the quality of my life.  It feels less cluttered, like there is less noise being fed to me.. Pointless noise that shows the worst of the worst of humanity.. Stupid political rants and of course the countless hours of seeing who is doing what and what who is saying.. You get the drift?

So, just by eliminating this one thing, it has really freed up my thoughts and time with other activities.. Such as cooking, gardening, cleaning more, organizing, working out more and I am less likely to pick up my phone throughout the day due to non-stop notifications that social media often would alert me with. It was like an endless cycle.

I have spent less time online than I have in a while and it really has allowed me to take part in other interests. I got my 'real' life back!! I guess I didn't realize it but overtime, it seems as though more and more people unknowingly have become attached to their phone to where it is almost odd not to have a phone in hand when in public.

We walk around looking at our phone, holding the phone, searching on the phone.

Studies have shown that fatalities are up in Alabama by 218.. that is a significant difference and I know, without a doubt it is because people are less aware more than ever now.  People aren't paying attention.  They have too much distraction with all the technology and no self control on when and when not to use it.

I don't want to be sucked into this statistic.. so one day, I just realized that I felt less satisfied more than ever and it was because I feel that I wasn't living my life anymore.  I was living my life online and was left with just online friendships.

I want the real deal again.  Phone conversations, visits with friends, being in tune with the world and not always knowing and most importantly, NOT CARING what is going on online because I am too busy living my own life.

It's been very rewarding the past couple weeks as I have started eliminating my online presence and even though I don't expect to change the world by doing this.. I just hope that I may encourage others to be more 'phone' aware as they start their day too.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Katie & Nick's Wedding

Roughly a year ago, I got the sweetest phone call from Katie.  She was referred to me by a mutual friend we share and past client of mine.  She was engaged and planning a wedding long distance from Los Angeles, so a phone consultation would have to do!

This was around the time that I had decided to make 2016 my last year to photograph weddings, so she was technically my last booking in 2016 that just so happened to have the wedding in 2017..

Ever so often I meet someone and feel an instant connection and this was how it was with Katie. The moment we first met, she did nothing less than give me a big hug!

She has a smile that lightens the room and eyes full of joy.  It's definitely an energy that is contagious and it would be crazy not to be able to capture it in camera.

Now that her wedding has come and gone, I find myself left with the images from their celebration and look back on them and think to myself how much work weddings were but oh how rewarding it is to capture some of these timeless moments.. which, did I mention how awesome Katie sings?!?

She gave us all a wonderful performance during the reception as she sang with the band.  She also dedicated a song to her husband.. She sang ' Your Love' by Faith Hill and Tim McGraw..

It couldn't have been a better day to meet not only Katie and Nick but their wonderful friends and family.  It is pretty evident that this couple is loved by so many as they came from far and wide to celebrate these two.

A big congratulations to these two as they start their life out as Mr. & Mrs.  back in Los Angeles.